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What Is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is a new model of healthcare that is gaining popularity because it gives patients access to high quality healthcare at lower costs than traditional insurance-based clinics.

Instead of meeting deductibles and co-pays, you pay one monthly fee that grants you unlimited visits as well as communication by text, email, and live video visits right from the comfort of your home.

With this model, the cost of your primary care is significantly reduced with a drastic increase in the quality of care you receive. This is because the goal of the practice shifts to servicing you and no longer services your insurance company!

This allows for the quality of patient visits to become more important than how many patients can be seen in one day.

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What if you already have insurance? Why sign up? Why pay both?

The reality is that until you meet your deductible you are paying out of pocket for your healthcare costs. A traditional, conservative co-pay/deductible plan will cost a family of 4 approximately $6,000 a year before you start to experience any of the real benefits. That same family of 4 can pay $150 in monthly membership fees which totals $1,800 a year. Thats a savings of over $4,000 annually!

What if you only want to pay when you ‘need to’? How does it benefit you? Lets take the same family of 4 as above. One annual visit can run each person approximately $300. The average sick visit for a 30 year old can cost approximately $150. One family member is bound to get sick and lets face it, if one person gets sick, everyone in the family gets sick. So $150 x 4 family members in addition to$300 x 4 family members equals $1,800, which is the same amount that family of 4 would pay over an entire year with our membership plan. Now, any other issue that comes up throughout the year is a savings to you!

For less than $2 per day you can have the peace of mind that if any medical issues come up you can always come in and receive care without any extra cost.

What Are The Benefits?


Our membership grants an individual access to unlimited visits at our clinic, discounted pricing on labs, discounted pricing on images, free in house procedures, guaranteed same day or next-day appointments, and direct access to their nurse practitioner by email, text, phone, video 24/7. Members are provided access to a private ‘members-only’ number to contact their nurse practitioner at night or on the weekends. Urgent matters are handled promptly while non-urgent matters that are requested after hours will receive a response within 24 hours.


Members can receive care without even visiting the clinic through our Spruce app. Within Spruce members can text the clinic or their nurse practitioner, conduct video visits, and share videos or photos as necessary. Some of the most common ailments that we treat via telemedicine at the moment are sore throats, sinus infections, urinary tract infections, low back pain, skin rashes, upset stomach, follow-ups on high blood pressure, and follow-ups on diabetes.


We operate by appointment only which guarantees our undivided attention when you are at our clinic. We do guarantee same day or next day appointments for all established members. Appointment lengths range from 15-30 minutes depending on the issue at hand.

When was the last time you tried to contact your physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant directly? Did you have to go through a receptionist, followed, by a medical assistant, then get placed on hold? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just text or email your provider? Well, with us that’s exactly what you can do. Through our EMR you can text and email any questions directly to Mr. Menchaca and you’ll receive responses just like a normal text or email! This is not another patient portal, this is normal, simple email and texting.

A new kind of Primary Care with comprehensive visits and advanced testing.