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1. What is Direct Primary Care?

We are a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice. With DPC, we contract directly with you for a low monthly fee. We push the insurance company aside so that it is just you and your nurse practitioner making healthcare decisions and not your insurance company. Often, clinics, are tied down by insurance contracts and aren’t allowed to legally find better pricing or savings for you. Since we are not contracted with any insurance groups, we are able to help you navigate the increasingly complex healthcare system.

2. Why should I choose Menchaca Family Clinic?

We believe that the relationship between clinician and patient is what is missing in healthcare. We are striving to restore that relationship so that we can provide excellent healthcare in a caring, listening, and holistic environment. When you combine this with the improved accessibility that you’ll experience it is quite remarkable how much better the experience is. It’s like having a nurse practitioner in the family!

3. Why monthly fees?

Health care costs are sky rocketing. One reason for this is there is no transparency in pricing and hidden costs are everywhere. Monthly fees paired with our upfront discounts on imaging and wholesale labs provide upfront, transparent pricing which helps eliminate the guess work of your healthcare cost. Also, a monthly retainer allows us to commit our time to a fewer number of people, which means we have more time to be your advocate and find the most affordable medications, testing, specialists, etc. Monthly fees also give you the ability to visit, call, text, email, or video whenever you need it without worrying about an extra cost. This is one low monthly cost. No hidden fees. No confusion. Just simplicity.

4. How many patients you care for?

Most traditional practices can have anywhere from 1500 – 3000 patients for a single doctor or nurse practitioner. We plan to cap our practice at around 600-700 members. Once that number is reached, we will put people on a waiting list and consider adding a second clinician. We will NOT continue to grow and limit our availability to you.

5. What if I don’t have health insurance?

You don’t need to have a membership with Menchaca Family Clinic. Our memberships are a great way to get excellent, low cost primary care. We do recommend high deductible insurance to help with the unforeseen emergencies.

6. What if I’m healthy and never get sick?

We’re happy for you! However, we don’t focus only on illness. We also provide wellness coaching regarding lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, etc. Aside from that, when you have a stomach ache from too many tacos, or you sprain your ankle jogging at the park, or any occasion you need us, it’s great to have us!

7. Can I use my HSA/FSA to pay for the monthly fees?

New legislative action was passed to allow for HSA/FSA accounts to be used to pay for DPC memberships

8. What if I need to see a specialist?

We can make referrals to specialists just like any other primary care practice (unless you have an HMO plan, which may require a “gatekeeper” to access a specialist). We’ll also have more time to collaborate with the specialist.

9. Insurance premium and membership fees? Why pay twice?

Well…you already are! You pay the first time for your insurance premium AND you pay the second time for anything under your healthcare deductible. Our memberships will cover a lot of testing and treatment without meeting your deductible. Now if you haven’t met your deductible and you need something we can’t provide in our clinic we’ll help you find the best price available because we aren’t bound by your insurance company. The truth is that insurance premiums are continuing to skyrocket which is causing a trend towards lower premium, higher deductible insurance plans. Folks who have this type of insurance are essentially self-pay until they meet their deductible. Primary care needs value and that’s what a DPC membership brings with a predictable, low cost, high quality care model.

10. I’m still not sure. Can we talk?

Yes, of course! You can call or text our office number, 956-230-0655, and request a FREE 15-minute Meet & Greet!

Are YOU ready to experience a new kind of Primary Care?